How to Decorate Your Kitchen for Christmas

Decorating for Christmas is arguably one of the most enjoyable aspects of preparing for the holiday. Many people don’t think to stretch the décor to the kitchen, but if you invite guests for the big day or you host get togethers during the season, it can make the space festive while getting your friends and family into the spirit. The trick when decking out your kitchen is to make it look great without creating an inconvenience when you cook and clean in there. Use some classic tips, like the ones you’ll find at, to create a holiday kitchen you love.

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Consider Your Space

Kitchens come in all sizes, so it’s an important factor when you choose decorations. If you have a small kitchen, lighter colors can make the space seem bigger. On the other hand, a large kitchen becomes cozy for the holidays when you use dark, rich hues.

If you already have the decorations you want for your kitchen, you’re all set to get started. If not, look through magazines and websites and find ideas that you love. Use those to pick out or make Christmas decorations for your kitchen.


Table Decorations

One of the easiest ways to make your kitchen festive at Christmas is to set the table. Spread it with a cheery tablecloth, and then add some contrasting napkins and place mats. For example, try a red tablecloth with gold napkins or a blue cloth with silver napkins. Finish it off with candles, foliage such as holly leaves or evergreen boughs and some small figurines or ornaments nestled in.

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Cabinet Decorations

Atop your cabinets, place evergreen garlands dripping with bows, lights and ornaments. Alternatively, create something more understated by cutting circles from holiday colored felt and stringing them on a long length of yarn.


Other Simple Ideas

Replace your regular cookie jar with a holiday-inspired one. Take down your traditional kitchen art, and hang up stockings, large ornaments strung on ribbon or framed holiday prints in their place. Hang up Christmas themed towels as well.

If your back door is housed in the kitchen, hang a beautiful Christmas wreath on the inside. Use a silver wreath hanger clipped over the top of the door and perch an evergreen wreath wrapped in white lights and decorated with silver ornaments and bows on the hook.

Make small wreaths, stockings, snowmen or trees out of felt and sew two ribbons to the back. Tie the ribbons together on the top of your kitchen chairs and let the decorations hang down the back. Be sure they coordinate with the table decorations you choose. This is one of my favorite decorations since it’s simple, easy to do and looks great on any chair.


Another great option is to bake some beautiful ginger bread cookies with Christmas themes and hang them on cabinets. These can be eaten in 10 days once you get bored of seeing them around.

No matter how you decide to decorate your kitchen, you’re sure to love your time here baking Christmas cookies, basting the turkey and spending quality and memorable time with friends and family.

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