Dakota Visible Differences Update

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Hi everyone! Today is just a little update post on how Dakota is doing on his journey to switching over to a high quality dog food; Iams®! An update on Dakota the Red Siberian Husky, switching to Iams® dog food! #ad Since our last post, we have gradually switched him to Iams quality dog food . We were mixing in his old dog food gradually until it was all Iams® and I’m happy to say there were no issues with this!

I actually think he likes his Iams® food better, he is actually eating more than before! He has always been a picky eater, sometimes skipping meals altogether but since the switch, he hasn’t skipped at all, score! An update on Dakota the Red Siberian Husky, switching to Iams® dog food! #ad

Some visible differences in him, other than eating more is he is going to the potty more regularly. I know, tmi but it is important!! He also does seem more lively. Before the switch he was getting pretty lazy. He has always been extremely active but this last year or so he has started to slow down.

I was having to force him to go outside to go potty and even when I got him out he just wanted to stand on the pack patio and smell the air. I had to lead him to the grass! I know, crazy. But now it’s a different story!

He is keeping up with his little sister, he definitely isn’t as hyper as her, she is only 5 months but he is definitely holding his own! Here is a little clip of him chasing the water hose, one of his favorite things to do!


Don’t worry, it was a hot day, we do live in Florida after all!

An update on Dakota the Red Siberian Husky, switching to Iams® dog food! #ad

So, all in all I am really happy we made the switch. Dakota is much more active thanks to Iams® and I think he will just keep getting more and more into play time with his dalmatian sister Peanut! I will have another update soon, stick around! Iams Visible Differences


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  1. Dakota is beautiful!!! We have a black & white husky. I was wondering if he lives inside & also if he jumps your privacy fence.

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