Dakota: Living His Best Life

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Hi everyone! Welcome back to another post where I get to talk all about PUPPIES! But, now just any puppies, my puppies! I am a little biased…


Peanut was just 9 weeks old here… I’m dying! And already in love with her big brother Dakota.


Even though Peanut is basically the most adorable puppy I have ever seen in my life, today I’m talking about Dakota! The most beautiful Siberian Husky I have ever seen. LOL


Dakota is my baby. And, like a good Mama I want to make sure he gets to live his best life and in doing that making sure he gets to eat high quality dog food, Iams quality dog food to be exact! Yes, if you remember last year, I did a series about how we switched Dakota from his current food over to Iams® and I’m going to tell you how he has been doing!

Well, if this little video is any indication…

He is as frisky and active as ever! And, boy can he run! He loves to just go outside and run at full speed and having Peanut by his side is an added bonus!

He has really perked up a lot since switching to Iams®! He is like his old 2 year old self. The good with the bad, LOL. If you know anything about Huskies, they can be quite a handful! He is no match for Peanut (dalmatians are one of the THE most high strung breeds, WARNING!), but he is always up to play, go for a walk or run a mile in the back yard.

He is still going to the bathroom regularly, sometimes even two times a day. Overall I say the switch was a success. I’m really glad we did it and won’t be buying any other brand of food for Dakota other than Iams®!

Have you made the switch to high quality dog food yet? What has your experience been like? Have you seen any Iams Visible Differences in your dog like I have seen in mine?


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