Creating Homemade Halloween Costumes for Girls

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One of the best parts of creating your own Halloween costumes is that the entire family can get involved.  Creating unique costumes is also a great way for children to learn new skills such as construction, measurement, and following sequential steps.  The best part about creating costumes at home is that you do not have to be good at sewing.  In fact, you can create a fabulous custom dress with a few stitches by hand and the right fabric glue.  Some classic Halloween costumes for girls do not need to cost a fortune.  A trip to the thrift store coupled with the right accessories and a mask can make almost any costume the best in school.

Where to Start

It is important to get started with a good idea before you purchase anything.  Choose a favorite movie character, a favorite historical figure, or a favorite animal.  Think about a few logistics which include the following:

  • How cold will it be?
  • How difficult will it be to walk in?
  • How difficult will this be to make?
  • How can I make this costume work?

Get a plan, and hit a few stores.  Often, the perfect costume needs something extra, such as a special pair of colorful nylon gloves.  Have fun when making a costume.  Halloween is one of the few times of the year when you can completely go over the top.  Make your little zombie come straight from the 1960s, or give your queen of the jungle a regal look to go with her lion’s mask.

Tips for How to Make the Basics

One of the easiest ways to make a mask is to buy a white mask that does not cover the entire face and paint it with acrylic paints.  By keeping the mouth uncovered, the costume is easy to wear.  Acrylic paints work on smooth plastic surfaces.  It is important to note that once acrylic dries on fabric, it is almost impossible to get out.  Wear smocks and cover the carpet.  Extra sparkly stones and other items can be glued onto the mask with a hot glue gun.  It is strongly recommended that superglue and young children are not allowed in the same room.  Use fabric glue to make a cheap dress from a local thrift store look extra special without taking the time to sew a new dress.

Invest in a Few Extras

There is something undeniably alluring about the right pair of costume gloves.  Gloves, stockings, hair, crowns, socks, and shoes can all make a good costume fabulous.  It is important to consider how functional a costume will be to wear at school and when trick or treating.  Make sure everything is warm and comfortable.  In the best case scenario, warm and functional gloves can make a costume look even better.

Stay Humble and Remember How Great Homemade Is

A fantastic homemade costume can attract a lot of attention.  Don’t let your perfect rendition of a 5-year old Guinevere get to your head.  There is something endearing about a costume that looks homemade rather than store bought.  Don’t leave your little one out.  A few mishaps with paint or fabric glue can make the costume more personal and more special.

Even more costume ideas: Check out these easy instructions for recreating your own super hero look this Halloween!

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**This article was written and sponsored by the advertiser.**

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