Cottonelle Clean Care Routine: Fresh Everytime! #CtnlCareRoutine #Pmedia #ad

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign withPollinate Media Group™ and Cottonelle but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #CtnlCareRoutine

Okay guys, so today is one of those days where we get a little… personal. That’s it! I want to talk about your toilet paper! Wait… what?! LOL, I just discovered the Cottonelle Clean Care Routine and I’m never going back!

Cottonelle Clean Care Routine: Fresh Everytime! #CtnlCareRoutine #Pmedia #ad

So, like every other weekend Jeremy and I were shopping at Walmart and we were out of toilet paper, so naturally it was on my list. I picked up the kind we always get, Cottonelle but this time I went with the kind in the blue packaging: Clean Care!

They also had a ton of these different wet wipe looking thingies that I had been wanting to try out, so I finally grab the kind that went with my toilet paper: Cottonelle Fresh Care flushable cleansing cloths, again in the blue packaging!

I have to be honest I was hesitant at first to try these out. But, I went ahead and opened up the packaging and had to “assemble” the cleansing cloths. They come in a little air tight pouch, I took them out, placed them in the holder:

Cottonelle Clean Care Routine: Fresh Everytime! #CtnlCareRoutine #Pmedia #ad

And then thread the cloths through the little opening and voila!

Cottonelle Clean Care Routine: Fresh Everytime! #CtnlCareRoutine #Pmedia #ad

They were ready to be used! I placed them on the back of our toilet to keep them off the floor and the little container is nice and clean looking, you would never know what was in there.

Cottonelle Clean Care Routine: Fresh Everytime! #CtnlCareRoutine #Pmedia #ad

So, I finally tried them out and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. You use the regular clean care toilet paper, use a cleansing cloth then the toilet paper again so you aren’t wet. That’s it! Everything is flushable so no worries about clogging up the toilet. And, the paper is super soft, just like you expect from Cottonelle. You can literally see the softness:

Cottonelle Clean Care Routine: Fresh Everytime! #CtnlCareRoutine #Pmedia #ad

It also occurred to me how great these will be to use when I finally have a little one. I won’t have to worry about them not cleaning their selves properly when it’s finally time for them to learn how to use the potty on their own! They will be fresh and clean.. everytime!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. When you run into Walmart to purchase this clean care routine in the month of February you will receive a $5 vudu offer (vudu is like redbox and they offer HD movies) how cool is that?! To get this offer you have to follow these steps:

  • Take a picture of your receipt from Walmart showing you purchased both items.
  • text or email your picture to [email protected]
  • you will recieve a text or email back with a code valid for a $5 movie credit
  • For more information visit:

What movie will you watch first?!


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