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Confessions of a Non-Baker

Confessions of a Non-Baker from


Today is going to be a bit of a rant. I had full intention of posting today a delicious and easy Peach Cake recipe. Unfortunately for you, I suck at baking. Give me a slab of meat, some veggies and rough idea of the dish you want and I can make it happen (most of the time). But anything involving measuring and the like don’t even think about it.

I’m possibly too hard on myself.

I made the cake. I followed the directions exactly as stated. What I got was this big pile of dense bread like “cake” and I use that word loosely. *Le sigh*

Have you guys ever had this problem where you follow recipes exactly and over and over come out with some thing not even resembling the picture? I don’t get it. I must have a brain fart in the middle of reading the directions and my evil twin takes over, I dunno.

I need more practice you say? Yes, I agree but I am so discouraged at this point that I don’t even want to try! If it doesn’t come in the form of a cookie dough I think:

Confessions of a Non-Baker from

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hehe…. Thanks for reading!


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    Stephanie says:
    February 26, 2013

    This is a common complaint from people who say they don’t bake very often and I promise you that your issue is one of two things (and they are easy to fix!!)

    1. get new baking soda and baking powder. If you don’t bake often, you probably have an old box of soda or powder kicking around.. and it’s shelf life is over. Baking with them is like using nothing at all so the baked goods end up dense and thick. I’ve made muffins at a friend’s house with expired soda and they were sad little blocks. Easy to replace and BAM your baking issues are solved


    2. you don’t fluff up the flour before scooping. Scooping big,heavy cups of flour = denser baked goods because you are adding up to 30% more flour than the recipe calls for. Fluff up the flour or sift it our before measuring and the baking will turn out great. Honestly though, it’s probably the baking soda or powder 🙂

    Hope this helps!

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    LM says:
    May 6, 2013

    lol It happened to me with baking bread. I make it all of the time then once I don’t know what the heck happened but “it did not happen” and had to just toss it. Blamed it on being pregnant-I had major brain farts then.
    I haven’t baked in awhile and the last time I did resulted in evil genius.

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