Combat Pesky Allergies with Kleenex!

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Have I ever told you that I have horrible allergies? No, not the eat shrimp and I blow up like Will Smith in Hitch kind of allergies. I have the itchy, puffy eyes, runny nose/can’t breathe/I keep blowing but nothing comes out kind of allergies. And they are life consuming at times. Seriously… we go out of town for vacation and BAM! Fuggetaboutit.

When times like these hit, which is often…. I always have to have tissues on hand. Lots and LOTS of tissues. I used to just jam a big wad of toilet paper in my purse but that was BEFORE I came in contact with these babies:


Look how cute! Oh yea… Kleenex. Good old, trustworthy Kleenex. You know, when I was growing up and I was sick I used to “sneeze” or “cough” into these tissues over and over again just to be able to practice my waste basket toss! Haha, sorry Mom… ahem.

Do you know what’s best about this picture? No, it’s not the super cute graphic print on the Kleenex wrapper, the coin purse I love or the bag itself…. but thanks for noticing! The best part is that this pocket pack of Kleenex was FREE.

kleenex collage

You know I love a deal already so I couldn’t pass this one up! I went with the Hubs into our local Target and picked up a four pack of Kleenex:


Got my Pocket Pack 3 pk and went straight to the check out! Okay, not straight to the check out… we were in Target after all! So, as I was saying after browsing for 10….20 minutes we checked out, even our cashier was impressed we scored this deal!

I immediately came home and scattered out our new 4 pack of Kleenex around our home!


Master bedroom… very convenient for midnight sniffle attacks!


Master bathroom, for obvious reasons!


Guest bathroom, yes I was even generous and gave some to our guests too!

Do you want to know a secret? It’s been a while since I last had a full stocked supply of Kleenex on hand. And, I’ve never experience the convenience of having a pocket pack in my purse at all times! I remember one time Hubby and I were up to see my parents, it is an 8 hour drive to their house and of course, the dreaded allergy attack began! I had no tissues, no paper towel, no NOTHING to help with this runny… no drippy nose I had! SO I literally had to use my jacket. I blew my nose into my jacket. Not my proudest moment.

BUT, now that I have this pocket pack with me I don’t have to worry about grossing out Jeremy anymore! It’s definitely a win win situation!

And the BEST BEST part? Other than being free of course…? Kleenex brand tissues are soooo soft. No more rough rest spot bathroom toilet paper for this nose of mine, no sir!

So, what are you waiting for?! Go out to your local Target and pick up a four pack of Kleenex!

Hugs and sneezes,


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