Christmas Surprise with my Best Buy Gift Card!

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I hope every one had a great Christmas and holidays! We certainly did! My Christmas actually started a little early and was lucky enough to get a couple gifts from people at work. Me being well….me… I had to go and open them up BEFORE Christmas day, I get a present, I must know what’s inside… it’s a sickness. When I opened up one of them I got a Best Buy gift card, score! So… you know the deal… off to Best Buy I went… immediately.

Christmas Surprise with my Best Buy Gift Gard! #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

I knew exactly what I wanted but like any good shopper I had to browse a bit before heading to the electronics section. I don’t have a fancy phone but sometimes I wish I did, just for the phone cases!

*le sigh* Oh well, a girl can dream can’t she??

I also saw some cool gifts for great last minute stocking stuffers on this display they had. Really good price for movie bundles!

So after browsing for a while I finally went to get what I came in for. Le and behold, I couldn’t find it. I searched and searched. Finally, I asked an associate (who was super nice, btw) where I could find said item. She walked me over to the spot and there it was!

Ta da! A battery operated radio! Right where I should have looked in the first place, who knew?!

AND an amazing price, if I do say so myself. I purchased this baby and a pack of batteries, took it home and wrapped them and stuck them under my tree. That’s right! This radio was a surprise gift for my Hubby and he loves it!

Christmas Surprise with my Best Buy Gift Gard! #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

So yes, I took a gift… Best Buy gift card to buy another gift… a radio. We are all happy in the end! There is also this super cool feature on the website where you can track trending items from twitter. This way you’ll always be able to get the best gifts for that techie in your family without all the guess work!

I even saw these kiosks around the store where you can order items online if they are not in stock at the store or even just search that stores stock to see if they have something you’re looking for. Pretty cool, huh?

Did you get a Best Buy gift card for Christmas? What did you or will you buy with it??

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  1. lol I feel your pain on the cell phones – I have one of the free flip phones and barely use it but can’t help looking at all the cool cases out there! A fancy phone would be wasted on me for sure! Too funny about your gift card – last year I did the same thing – took my gift card and got hubby a gift and everyone was happy!

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