Celebrate Friends 20th Anniversary with Central Perk Roast

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I was born in 1985 so naturally, the 90’s is what I think of as my generation and the pop culture of the time is what I look back on. When I think of growing up immediately a couple different things of that era pop into my head. I was obsessed with The Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Clueless, flared jeans and my all time favorite tv show, Friends! Did you know that Friends is having it’s 20th anniversary right now?! That is mind blowing to me and I’m going to share a little way to celebrate this popular tv show’s anniversary!

Celebrate Friends 20th Anniversary with Central Perk Roast #8OClockCoffee #Friends20 #ad

If you are a Friends fanatic like me, then you know all about Central Perk. A couple of my favorite Central Perk scenes were Pheobe’s funny songs, especially Smelly Cat! And of course Ross and Rachel’s epic kiss!


Central Perk was a main gathering place where they could stop and enjoy each others company. (Or make a couple bucks while getting back on your feet!) They always had these HUGE coffee mugs and you KNOW I got one too!

Celebrate Friends 20th Anniversary with Central Perk Roast #8OClockCoffee #Friends20 #ad

LOL, I love my huge coffee mug and always makes me think of my favorite group of Friends when I drink out of it. Now, you can purchase and drink the first even Central Perk roast! A limited edition varietal inspired by this beloved coffee shop. Eight O’Clock Coffee has partnered with Warner Bros. to bring you the first ever Central Perk roast, it is a medium coffee house roast made with carefully selected, high quality, 100% Arabica beans. Friends fans through the country can celebrate their favorite tv shows milestone of 20 years by purchasing it at grocery and mass merchandise stores nationwide.

But that’s not all! Not only can you enjoy your limited edition Central Perk roast, you can also visit a pop-up replica of Central Perk! It is located at 199 Lafayette St. in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood (on the corner of Broome St.). They will be serving free samples of Eight O’Clock coffee and feature authentic memorabilia including the iconic orange coach and improv musical arts reminiscent of Pheobe’s “Smelly Cat”! The pop-up is open to the public from Sept 17-Oct 18.

Today is national coffee day and there will be a variety of fun activities and giveaways at the pop-up. You can also join in on the celebration by visiting Eight O-Clock coffees facebook page for a chance to win coffee prizes and a trip to LA to visit the Warner Bros studios.

Even more special offers available now on Eight O’Clock Coffee’s website:

  • Save $3 when one Eight O’Clock coffee bag 11 oz or larger and one complete season of Friends on DVD are purchased together
  • Purchase any three bags of Eight O’Clock Coffee and receive a FREE special limited edition Eight O’Clock Coffee Central Perk mug

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