Calming Kitties Nerves with Sergeant’s

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If you have been a follower of mine for any length of time, you should know that I pretty much have a little zoo here at the DeVolk household. That’s right, two puppies and two kitties. It has it’s ups and downs but we can’t help it, we just love our pets! A huge downside is, our cats and dogs don’t get along. So, we have a room just for our kitties. This is definitely not the ideal situation but parting with them is just NOT going to happen. They do sometimes get a little antsy in there and that’s where these Sergeant’s calming collars come in handy!

So, let me back up just a bit. Like I stated before we have two cats. One is a calico and she is a girl, her name is Honey (or Honey Bunny as I call her!) she is definitely more calm overall when having to be in their room. Our other cat, a male ticked tabby is Dexter. Now, he gets more aggressive, sometimes slamming his little body against the door (nothing bad, just like rubbing against it roughly, you get the picture!) and meowing. We try to let them out as often as possible but they just can’t be out with the dogs so sometimes he gets a wild hair and just wants out! Which is understandable.
So, we tried these Sergeant’s calming collars. They say they have pheromone technology and help to modify stress-related behavior such as excessive meowing, scratching and inappropriate marking. We have never had an issue with marking but the other two definitely apply.
I have to say, I was really kind of freaked out when I opened the packaging. It says in numerous places that the powder is safe but still it was kind of weird and messy to handle. It flakes off and gets over everything. It was hard to put it around his neck, for obvious reasons cat’s automatically get defensive. But, I finally got it on him and it actually has a nice scent. It is lavender chamomile fragrance.

He wears it now and doesn’t seem to notice it at all. He was super lovey dovey while I was taking pictures of him, purring up a storm!

Anything that will help calm his nerves I’m willing to try! He is a little love bug and Jeremy’s favorite!


So, all in all it seems to have calmed him some. What do you think? Does your kitty act a little crazy every now and then??

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