Tips for Blogging on a Budget {Part 1}

Welcome back to our blog series! In case you missed last week’s lesson, Parrish from Life with the Crust Cut Off and I are writing a new post each week about blogging. Our series is called Blogging 101: Two Girl’s Blog Basics and will last until well, when we run out of things to say! And you all know how I love a good ramble! So, this week’s lesson is all about blogging on a budget. I will talk about all aspects from hosting sites to cameras to where to get cheap props for pictures (part 2). So, stick around, will ya?!


Where to find the best hosting site for your blog for cheap.

If you are looking into transferring your blog into a self hosted site you will need to purchase hosting from a company. There are many different companies that offer this but be careful! Just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it’s the right choice. I found this out the hard way. The best way to purchase hosting on a budget is by promo codes. I use GoDaddy for my hosting now and have to purchase it annually. It is cheaper if you buy years in advance but I don’t do that, just year to year for me! There are even monthly options available if you’d like. To use a promo code all you will need to do it google it. Just go to google or any other search engine, type in the company name, the month and include promo code. Example: godaddy promo codes august 2013. Type this in and a ton of options will pop up, then at check out just type in different options and see which work (a lot won’t work at all!) and which will give you the most discount and BOOM instant savings! Use the same steps for purchasing your url as well, but they aren’t nearly as expensive as hosting!

Where to purchase a really great camera for less.

I don’t know if you’d noticed lately but my pictures have been quite a lot better, if I do say so myself. And this is largely in part to my new camera. I have been using a Canon Rebel t3 since May around my birthday. We purchased it used off of ebay. Now, don’t go bidding on the first camera you see! It took Jeremy about a month of searching listings until we found the perfect one. Research what to look for in a used camera and go from there. There are certain things you have to really look out for like how many pictures have been taken previously with it. If they don’t list this information either move on to the next one or trying messaging them. There are tons of them on there everyday, so set a price you are willing to spend and stick to it. We found that auctions that end late at night, at odd hours are the easiest to bid on, not many people are up watching/bidding and you can really steal one! We got ours for over 100 off the lowest price we saw new, so I thought that was pretty good!

Where to purchase backgrounds for pictures.

I happen to think this is extremely important to great pictures. And we all know the prettier the picture the more pinworthy they are! Now when I say background for pictures I mean what’s behind that gorgeous necklace you just made or mile high souffle. You might not think about it but I’m looking at what’s behind it… is that your kids favorite toy laying around or dirty dishes? No thanks! This can really be an easy fix and could cost you nada! Try taking pictures outside. This is the perfect lighting as well! What’s better than pretty luscious green trees, foliage or water in the background of photos? Don’t have the prettiest yard? That’s okay, just do some editing magic and blur it out, you will still have the beautiful color but not notice every single little thing.

If you want to get a little more fancy pants then I suggest either purchasing or making a lightbox. I made one but it sucked so I’m not sure if I did it right or not. Trying googling how to make one and try it out for yourself if you dare. The one I got was actually for my birthday as well but it still wasn’t over $40 and has done wonders for my pictures. The best part is now you can customize a background for it. Grab some poster board in any color you’d like, cut to fit, throw a little tape on there and et voila!

Whew, that was a long one. I hope I didn’t bore you too much and can use this information! Stay tuned for the follow-up post for this specially for food bloggers!

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