Trying New Things: Baking Biscuits

Hi everyone! If any of you know me personally you will know that I have always hated baking. I looooove cooking because you can just throw a bunch of ingredients together any which way you want and it will still come out great. But baking requires much patience which I don’t have.
I don’t like measuring. I don’t like getting flour all over everything. I especially don’t like having to lug out heavy equipment and then having to clean those darn things. I really…REALLY hate cleaning. But as of lately I’ve been getting more and more interested in it. It might just be the nurturing side of me coming out more and more lately. When I think about baking, I think if I can just master that aspect of cooking how awesome of a mom I potentially could be. (Not that not baking makes you any less of an awesome mom, I just like being able to do it for my future kiddos.) My goal in life (now that I’ve met and married my wonderful hubs) is to be a kick-a** Mama. (Calm down everyone, I’m not preggers.) That chapter in our life is still a ways away but I want to be prepared.
SO insert picture of awesome-ness biscuits I made from scratch:

Not too shabby for a first attempt

These were nummy. I followed this Alton Brown recipe I found but I, of course, made a few changes. I only made half of the recipe and also just used milk not buttermilk. I was extremely skeptical at first because the dough was sooooo sticky but I followed the directions exactly and they came out great. I got rave reviews from my taste tester. And I also didn’t have a 2-inch ring mold that you’re suppose to use to cut the biscuit forms with so I used a wine glass. It worked great. They were super duper easy as well! I can’t believe I went so long without trying it before. Definitely will be a $ saver to come!
Earlier this week I also tried to make my first homemade loaf of bread. Growing up my dad used to make bread a lot so I have a little experience making it as I would sometimes help. But, this time was the first time I did it all on my own and it came out…meh. It definitely wasn’t horrible but it was very dense, I probably did something wrong. This is why I have no pictures to show for it. It did taste really awesome though right out of the oven with huge globs of melty butter on top. But, not my best work so I will not bore you with recipes and such.
Overall, I feel great about my new baking adventure. It is kinda messy but has been fun trying new things. I hope you enjoyed this post and hope you have been inspired to try something new too. Check back for more posts to come this weekend!


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  1. Instead of a wine glass, all you need to do is cut out the other end of an empty soup can.
    Which means there is even less washing up to do when you are finished.

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