#ad Southwestern Chicken Caesar Pitas: Healthy Eating with Tyson

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Do you make New Years resolutions? Have you been sticking with them? I don’t really make them to be honest, but I have been trying to eat healthier lately and hopefully lose a few pounds. Hopefully. What I have been trying to do is eating a better lunch. I used to just heat up some leftovers from the night before or even worse…. not eat anything at all and then gorge myself at dinner.  What I do now is make a super yummy yet fresh and easy lunch. Just like these southwestern chicken caesar pitas!

 Southwestern Chicken Caesar Pitas

#ad Southwestern Chicken Caesar Pitas #JustAddTyson #cbiasThese are soooo yummy and you can put them together super quick. Even if you have to take your lunch to work, this is really a great option. Just chop up your veggies in advance, take a little container of salad dressing, your pita and throw in your bag of Tyson Grilled & Ready chicken strips and you’re out the door!

#ad Southwestern Chicken Caesar Pitas #JustAddTyson #cbias

There really is no recipe for this. Just grab your favorite veggies. I used romaine lettuce, baby carrots, red bell pepper and cucumbers. Slice and dice to your little hearts desire. Add some good parmigiano reggiano chesse and caesar salad dressing in the bottle. OR, use whatever salad dressing you prefer. And, chop up Tyson Grilled & Ready chicken strips (I used the southwestern flavor for this recipe… super flavorful!).

#ad Southwestern Chicken Caesar Pitas #JustAddTyson #cbias

Throw all of this into a bowl and mix it together. Add just enough dressing to add some flavor, but you really don’t need too much!

#ad Southwestern Chicken Caesar Pitas #JustAddTyson #cbias

Place your pita in the microwave for 10 seconds, cut in half and then stuff with all these goodies! Enjoy! Super fast lunch that is really yummy and guess what… it’s GOOD for you!

#ad Southwestern Chicken Caesar Pitas #JustAddTyson #cbias

Culinary Tip: To get these fancy parmesan strips, use your vegetable peeler on the block of cheese!

What’s really great about these Tyson Grilled & Ready chicken strips is that you can find the whole line at your local WalMart! That’s where I found these on my weekly shopping trip:

They are by the raw meat but in a separate specialty meat kiosk.

 They have many different options…. some even in the freezer section! Right now there is an amazing promotion going on for the Tyson Grilled & Ready Line:

#ad Southwestern Chicken Caesar Pitas #JustAddTyson #cbias

All their different products are so versatile, I’m sure you’ll come up with tons of recipes to make your life easier! There will be an in-store demo going on from January 16th -19th 2014 at select WalMart stores. So, you can try them out yourself before purchasing, that is definitely a win-win situation to me!

You will be able to stay on track with healthier choices because they will be sharing tips and recipes daily through the month of January. They will be focusing on simple additions you can start to use in your everyday routine. As if that isn’t good enough, there will also be weekly prizes rewarded from January – March 2014!

So how about it? Are you ready to start eating a better yet satisfying lunch?? What do you think you will make first with these Tyson Grilled & Ready chicken strips??


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  1. I used Tyson Grilled & Ready products all.the.time. They simplify all of my recipes and I don’t have to spend all of that time prepping and cooking the chicken. These look delicious! #client

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