#ad Quick Breakfast Ideas with Tyson!

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I think it’s safe to say that we all have busy mornings from time to time. If you’re a stay at home parent, a professional working 60+ hours a week, a student or even a blogger like me, getting a healthy breakfast on a busy morning is sometimes the last item on our check list. But, I know I always feel better when I have a full tummy and a pile of work to get done for my job, a.k.a. This Silly Girl’s Life! Let’s just say it makes the day go by much smoother, right? Well, lucky for you I have the perfect solution of those crazy mornings and with the help from Tyson it’s not only quick, but delicious and healthy too!

Quick Breakfast Ideas with Tyson!

#ad Quick Breakfast Ideas with Tyson! #StartWithTyson #shop

So, I was in Walmart shopping and I wanted to pick up something new for breakfast. Not just the same old cereal and milk that we are used to. I was in the freezer section picking up some veggies for dinner when I spotted these new Tyson Day Starts.

What caught my eye was they had more options than just eggs. I’m not an egg eater and a lot of breakfast foods ALWAYS have eggs in them, so right away I knew these chicken biscuits were for me! I was at Walmart shopping super early, I love to beat the crowds but as you can imagine I was famished from looking at all the food. So, when I got home I popped in one of my new Tyson Day Starts to try it out.

#ad Quick Breakfast Ideas with Tyson! #StartWithTyson #shop

I was pleasantly surprised. I knew from the past that Tyson puts out high quality products but I had no idea it would be this good!

#ad Quick Breakfast Ideas with Tyson! #StartWithTyson #shop

It was so quick to just throw in the microwave and when it was cooking I made a fun yogurt parfait to pair with it.

#ad Quick Breakfast Ideas with Tyson! #StartWithTyson #shop

With a tall glass of coffee to wash it all down, I was totally set for the day. I’ve been having this breakfast regularly when I know I need to be fueled up for a busy blogging day!

What I really love about these new Tyson Day Starts is they are easy, convenient, affordable but mostly that they contain 24% or more of you daily protein in take! They are relatively low in calories as well which makes my waist line extremely happy.

#ad Quick Breakfast Ideas with Tyson! #StartWithTyson #shop

What is your favorite way to start the morning? Do you have any tricks to help getting out the door less hectic?


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