7 Convenient Foods for Playing Games Online

One of my all time favorite night in is our girly online games night where we start with a bit of Wii fit and usually finish with a few games of bingo at Butler’s Bingo. Of course, one of the biggest things about organizing a great night is making appropriate food for the occasion. So here are my favorite and most convenient foods for a great night of online gaming.

Crunchy veg sticks and dips

Peppers, carrots and celery make the best veg sticks for dipping. Simply chop them up into 8cm -10cm strips and stand them up in some little bowls. You can make your own dips if you’ve got time but there are plenty of ready-made ones in the supermarkets. People can just help themselves whenever they feel like it.

Crisps & Peanuts

There’s nothing more convenient than crisps and peanuts to snack on. Cheap and cheerful, all you have to do is open the packets, put them in a few bowls and then locate the bowls in all the spots people are likely to sit. They’re perfect for quickly grabbing a quick handful especially when the other one is busy operating a controller or a mobile device.

Nachos and cheese

This Mexican dish is usually a big hit with everyone, and all you have to do is open a couple of big bags of Tortilla chips, grate some cheese on top and then whack them in a microwave for thirty seconds until the cheese has melted. Serve them hot, when there at their best – they won’t last long.

Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs in finger rolls have to be best and quickest snack convenience foods to make. All you have to do is open a few cans and warm them up in a pan for a few minutes in the brine solution that comes in the tin. Admittedly best served with fried onions, ketchup and mustard, but none of that’s exactly hard either.  They can be a bit messy so, to avoid getting stuff all over your tablets and things, so have those when you decide to take a little break from the online action.


Probably the perfect online gaming dessert because all you have to do is buy an assortment, open the packets and tip them into a bowl or onto a few plates. Perfect for a mid-game sugar rush and you probably won’t even have to check your stride whilst you’re eating them.

Ice Cream

It just wouldn’t be a girly night in of any description without a spot of Ben and Jerry’s or Hagen Das. Of course it can be a little messy, so have it straight after your hot dogs or, if you’ve got your planning cap on, get some cones that way you can eat them with one hand whilst you’re playing.


Again, it wouldn’t be a proper girly night in with a bit of chocolate, so stock up on all your favorites. In an ideal world all chocolate would be covered like Minstrels or M&M’s so they wouldn’t melt on your hot game-playing hands – or you could just buy Minstrels and M&M’s.
If you’re wondering why we start with Wii fit it’s so we burn off some calories before we indulge in all that convenience food, and if you’re wondering why we finish with online bingo it’s because we love to pool our money and try and jointly win a big cash-prize or maybe even a jackpot. That way, when we win, we can all start planning our next big night out or, if it’s a jackpot, maybe a new wardrobe, holiday or car.

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