5 Me Moments

Hi, friends!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you something a little different. Something a little more personal.

I’m going to be talking about my 5 Me Moments.

Thanks so much to Oui by Yoplait for sponsoring this post! All opinions expressed are as always, my own.

Me moments are small pauses in my day where I actively stop and do something for the one person we tend to overlook the most; ourselves.



Life can get pretty hectic. Work. Family. School. It can often times get very repetitious as well.

So, with my me moments I get to just stop for one second, take some time to reflect on my day or to relax and just take in this crazy life!

I’m self-employed as a lot of you know. This blog here is my full-time job! I tend to get into a rhythm of work and before I know it, it’s 5pm, Jeremy is coming home and he is ready for dinner!

Although it might look quite simple, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into running a website. And, those tasks just keep adding up!


So, what are my me moments you might ask? Well, let’s go through my day, shall we?



I get up in the morning and like most people, I HAVE to have a cup of coffee… or two… or three, depending on the day!

As soon as that coffee kicks in I’m in work mode.

But wait, here is my first me moment of the day. A little makeup.

I know, it might sound silly but actively sitting down at my vanity, applying makeup and putting myself together is very relaxing. It also makes me feel more determined to tackle the day. Even though I work at home, this is my place of employment as well and I like to look presentable. (As often as I can!)



Secondly, I like to get in some form of exercise. I will either take our dogs on a walk around our property or go hit up a group fitness class at my local gym! If I go work out at the gym, I tend to skip my make up routine until after!

Then back to blogging! I tend to spend hours at a time on the computer, sitting down and writing out lists of ideas or work to be done, and my new found love of instastories!

My next me moment of the day is afternoon snack time! I mean, a girl loves her snacks!  I recently picked up these Out by Yopliat French style yogurts up while shopping at Walmart.


They come in a wide variety of flavors with strawberry being my favorite!



They are very unique, creamy and rich with a slightly sweet fresh taste. They are set right in their cute little glass pots!



I snuggle up on the couch with a magazine and enjoy a Oui Yogurt each afternoon.

After my afternoon snack, it’s back to the blog. Then Jeremy gets home and we have our nightly routine. Dinner, feed and walk the dogs, relax side by side in our recliners and catch up with our favorite tv shows.

During this time, I concentrate on my social media, answering emails, and chatting with my friends and followers.

When the clock clicks close to bedtime I get to soak in my bath. Ahhh, this is my most relaxing me moment of the day.



I love bubble baths! I will soak for a while and reflect on my day and try to destress. This is my time to just be silent and wind down.

Bedtime. Ahhhh, my bed is my happy place!

My last me moment of the day is getting in bed and reading. Sometimes I can read for hours! I might sneak in another Oui yogurt for dessert as well!


Say “Oui!” to new Oui by Yoplait. Made with whole milk, real fruit, and no artificial flavors or colors from artificial sources.

Do you have any special me moments through your day? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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