40 Very Berry Desserts {The Weekly Round UP}

Hey guys! So it’s Spring (umm, duh!) and that always makes me think of super fresh produce. More specifically, bright, juicy, sweet and tangy berries! All berries. I don’t discriminate! I love them all and there are TONS of ways to add them to your favorite dishes! Both sweet and savory, but let’s be honest I love them mostly in desserts! Now, I know you might be trying to fit into that teenie bikini but it’s okay to splurge once in a while! And, how better to do that than making one of these very berry desserts!

40 Very Berry Desserts

40 Very Berry Desserts, so many great Springy berry desserts, you can't make just one!

Whew, craving sweets yet?! I honestly don’t know which one I’ll be making first! This list to me is definitely one I will be coming back to over and over again! What is your favorite dish to make with plump fresh berries?!


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