23 Make Ahead Recipes for the Beach {The Weekly Round UP}

Hi there! So yea, I live near the beach. Like, 8 minutes away. I never go. I’m a slacker. I fantasize about having glorious picnic lunches while lounging around on the beach. It won’t happen. BUT, I thought I would put together a round up of dishes I would take if I actually did do it. You get it? Yea, I don’t really either, LOL. Those of you who do actually do things like that will appreciate this! I hope so anyways lol. All these recipes look so yummy and won’t get all gross if they get a little warm. Nothing melty, easy to make and go!

23 Make Ahead Recipes for the Beach

23 Make Ahead Recipes for the Beach

Yum, yum! What do you think? I really think these would be great to eat on a warm, sunny summer day! The best part is if you get a little messy just go wash off in the water, score!





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  1. I am exactly like you!! We live a mile from the beach and hardly ever go! And when we do, it’s just basic sammies (maybe) or tubes of Pringles 🙂 Pinning this though just in case for the beach, and for camping or somewhere else I don’t want to do anything. Thanks!

  2. These are fabulous! For someone that goes to the beach regularly, some of these recipes would come in handy. Especially when I want to shake things up from the nromal sandwiches and orange slices 🙂 so happy to have found you through SITS Girls – looking forward to reading more and connecting! Have a great day!

  3. Hi there, Dana. Thanks so much for your post! I DO go to the beach as often as I can and I certainly appreciate your suggestions. You can visit my site, it’s full of Cancun’s photos, you might like it… Thanks again!

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