12 Things I Didn’t Think Would Happen When I Started Blogging

Parrish from Life with the Crust Cut Off and I decided to dedicate a little blogging series to help out all you people thinking about starting a blog, new bloggers and old bloggers alike! This new series is called Blogging 101: Two Girl’s Blog Basics. We will be tackling a different topic each week until well, we run out of ideas, aight?! LOL but no seriously, we thought this would be a fun way to share with you our successes, our failures, our income (gulp…), tips and tricks and the topic we are most itching to write about: how to blog on a budget!

So just sit back, relax and learn a thing or two, or don’t and just laugh at us. This week’s topic:

12 Things I Didn't Think Would Happen When I Started Blogging From https://ThisSillyGirlsLife.com #Blog #Blogger

As my one year as a blogger mark is getting closer and closer I was thinking back about all the things I never thought would happen once I started blogging. So, I complied a list of things to be aware of or things you might find yourself doing/saying once you start your own blog!

This blogging stuff is addicting.

Oh yeah, after that first comment (not left by a family member) hits your post you’ll be a goner.

You will spend the same amount of time blogging as you would at a full-time job, possibly more.

Seriously…. seriously? You’ve been warned.

Some people will be mean just because they can.

Or they will correct you. I think I dislike this more. Especially when commenting on something you’re an “expert” in. Breathe.

You will start planning your grocery shopping trips around dishes you can blog about.

Allll the time, then I panic if I can’t think of anything.

You will try, fail and be mad at said dishes that don’t work out as planned.

Yup… anyone remember my baking catastrophes?

You will start doing things outside your comfort zone.

Like craft! Or baking… again.

Good pictures are a must.

SOOOO important. Yeah, you can have so so pics and still get noticed but a great pic gets noticed faster. Pinterest, anyone?

You will find yourself saying things like, “Don’t eat that! I have to take a picture first!” OR “Yes I need this, it’s for my blog pics.” OR “That costs HOW much? I can totally make that cheaper.”

All things revolve around the blog.

Do NOT take the first item or opportunity that presents itself just because it is free and/or you’re getting paid. (Unless it’s really freakin’ awesome!)

You may be tempted but if it’s not relevant, is it worth it??

No matter how many times you try you will never EVER be accepted by foodgawker. (This one still erks the heck outta me.)

Don’t even get me started on this one. Composition too tight my ?*&!

You will spend more time networking and promoting then actual writing.

Who knew?!

You won’t have as much time for Pinterest browsing anymore.

Sad but true.

So, there you have it! A little insight into what to expect after becoming a blogger.ย  Make sure to check out Parrish’s post for Things I Wish I knew About Starting a Blog here:


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I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks so much for reading!


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73 Comments at 12 Things I Didn’t Think Would Happen When I Started Blogging

  1. I love this post! I have found out a lot of this already. I am so excited that I have 5,300 views for my first month but it is so much work!! I look forward to following this and picking more tips up along the way ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Hi Dana! I enjoyed reading this post and it is so true! I think I laughed out loud a few times ๐Ÿ™‚ I started my blog just as a side aspect to show the furniture I was working on and you are right, after the first comment that wasn’t left by my dad the addiction really began, haha. It’s interesting to see how my blog has transformed in just a few months and it may seem weird but it’s like I’m finding myself through my blog, and discovering that I like working on projects I never even thought about before. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to your future posts!
    Oh yeah and craftgawker doesn’t like me or my “tight compositions”, lol. Still working on that one…
    ~Katie @ Upcycled Treasures

  3. I have been blogging for a year, but am just now starting to get serious about it – and it’s about to eat my lunch! (Seriously, spent a year “blogging” to my family and friends with >1000 pageviews a month.) I’ll definitely will be checking out your series! Hope you’ll come visit me as well.

  4. This is hilarious but true! I spend more time on my “blog stuff” than my actual job. Oh and my step-daughter is constantly asking “Have you blogged about this yet?”

  5. Thank you for the tips. Very well written and funny. At first I used to get on my hubbyโ€™s nerves โ€œGet out of the pictureโ€ฆ it is staged!โ€ โ€œWait pretend to do that again the picture didnโ€™t come out right!โ€. Now he grabs the camera and starts shooting if Iโ€™m doing something or comes up from behind me and asks why the camera isnโ€™t on the tripod taking photos.

    Funny store we were working on our countertops last weekend and it took all dayโ€ฆ I mean all day. We started at 10 am and went to bed after 2 am. At one point he changed into pjs and was asking me why I didnโ€™t have the camera going and I looked at him and said โ€œYou arenโ€™t wearing any pants!!!โ€ โ€œYou really think people would be able to tell these are boxers?โ€ *Head desk*

  6. So funny about your life revolving around blogging. I was telling my sister-in-law I want to have them for dinner but want to time it with making my favorite sangria for a post. So I can’t have them come without 24 hours notice, lol. And then I was thinking I will photograph the sangria at 4:00 before they arrive:) They are probably wondering what happened to the old days when we were at the park and I would say they should just come for dinner.

    Thanks for the tip on networking and promoting. My traffic seems to be the same with or without the link parties so was wondering if they are worth it.


    1. LOL, it’s kind of sad isn’t it? I’m standing there taking pictures of my one pretty plate of food while my husband is on the couch scrafing down his portion. He doesn’t even bother waiting for me anymore, LOL!!

  7. Great post! I’ve only been blogging since May, so I love reading other peoples perspective. I agree with everything you said! ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to read more. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Oh my gosh, YES!!! Foodgawker is ridiculous! The number of photos I’ve been told are too tight or too underexposed only to turn around and see a tighter or darker picture on their site…GRRRR! I’m glad I’m not alone in my frustration, that those who have blogged a lot longer have a disdain for their standards too.
    And I miss Pinterest browsing for something other than blog work…sigh.

    1. YES! They said for one my pictures the angle was too weird. It was from above, the picture of my Aloha Milkshake (if you’re familiar with it) where I really got a good focus on the toasted coconut. Then you turn around and see tons at that angle. Grr!

  9. So true! Haters are gonna hate and I accept that, so now it doesn’t bother me as much. I write a cleaning blog so sometimes I try and post to dwelling gawker and my favorite response was “your content doesn’t match our site.” I hope you get accepted to food gawker one day. The very few times I was accepted to dwelling gawker, it brought good traffic.

    1. My favorite (well, most ridiculous) rejection on food gawker was that the picture did not appear on my blog post. All I did was crop out my watermark. Parrish and I have come to the conclusion if they don’t like the recipe they just won’t accept it at all. UGH!

  10. Although I have been blogging for several years, this is really the first time I’ve stuck with it and become part of a community. I find your tips so true and relevant and can totally relate.

    Stopping over from Life with the Crust Off via Tuesday Talent link party.


  11. I LOL’ed a lot because I have asked my family not to eat yet so I could take a photo so many times already yet my photos are still not Pinterest worthy hahaha

  12. Thanks for this! I’ve recently started a blog (just last week!) and I’m already taking my camera everywhere – just in case. It’s nice to hear what to expect!

  13. Great post! I still need to learn so much more about blogging. I do find myself stalking and reading more than posting. Then rushing to get a post done! A little bit stressful, frustrating, but so much fun!

    My beef is, those who tell you how much they want to hear from you, to contact them, join their parties and when you do, you get NO RESPONSE. Even after TWO attempts. Are “you” (you know who you are), that big that you don’t want to follow through? Sorry, just disappointing.

    I’m so appreciative to my followers, as few as I have, and my readers. Patience and hard work will get me there!!

    Can’t wait to stalk your blog! Thanks so much for sharing this post.

  14. So funny and so true! The last one from Hubby was… “put down that camera and help me!” And don’t you believe that caption will be part of the future post! Hugs, Holly @ coconutheadsurvivalguide

  15. Fun post, Dana. I laughed out loud about a few of those, too, as they really rang true. Blogging IS addicting! And I love the networking aspect of it, too.
    I’m excited to see what else you have in the series and I’ll keep posted!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  16. fun! Post!! thanks for linking up to Tasteful Tuesday at Nap-Time Creations :o) Foodgawker really gets me too :o) I have gotten one photo accepted to foodgawker and one to craftgawker in the last couple weeks {yeah} But, I still just think its luck!

  17. Great post. I don’t mind be corrected as long as they are not mean spirited – I sometimes update my old posts and I am shocked how I missed it in the proofreading such as your and you’re. I know the difference, but I read what I wanted it to say. I read where a lady wrote whoa is me, instead of woe is me. I just thought that was cute as long as I did not write it.

    Foodgawker thinks I need lessons in white balance. I agree, but I will not let them define me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hope you will continue to write about this.

  18. This post is terrific!!! I’ve been blogging for about 2 1/2 months and already can agree with most of what you are saying. My biggest problem has not been that the dish I make doesn’t turn out, but that I forget to take a final picture of what I’m making. I’m not sure why I can take pictures step by step and then forget the most important shot. It’s so nice to know that none of us are alone in our experiences as bloggers.

  19. I’m so glad I stopped by here. I just started my blog in April, and I can totally relate to most of what you wrote here.

    I also just got my first 2 rejections from foodgawker for composition being too tight! I was like “WTH? That is a beautiful picture of a cherry muffin you jerkwads!”

    I thought I was the only one who started missing pinterest too. I love it, but just don’t have time for it anymore ๐Ÿ™

  20. Visiting from Lambert’s Lately link party. As in most endeavors balance and restraint goes out the window when you find something you feel passionate about! ‘Composition to tight’ what the Fruit Loops is a comment like that about? It’s like saying, ‘Oh this is to good.’ (Reading that bit actually brought back a repressed memory from college. History Prof. dialed back a term paper grade 1/2 a grade because “there was too much narrative flow. It read to smoothly”. 30 years later and it still steams my broccoli.)

  21. So funny because it’s too true! I don’t even know how many times I’ve said “I could totally make that!” or made my man wait for supper because i was snapping photos!

  22. You are quite right on all 12 points.
    Today my daughter took me out for a drive to Hyannis. We went to a new veg restaurant. She automatically set the food up for a photo as soon as it hit the table! LOL
    Look forward to sharing.

  23. Don’t feed the trolls is always my favorite piece of advice! At some point, you’re going to post something that will insight someone to say nasty things. Ignore them. Thanks for sharing with us at LOBS!!

  24. I had to laugh at the one about the “don’t eat that, I have to take a picture first!” Food always goes cold in my house and my hubby refuses to wait more than 2 minutes for me. So he’s usually halfway done eating before I sit down to eat. But I have to take a picture! Love this series!

  25. Haha! Foodgawker! So true. My composition is ALWAYS too tight. Geeze. What do you want me to do? Put my cookie on a boring plate with a boring white backdrop or what?

  26. Great post! I was chuckling almost the whole way through. I haven’t been seriously blogging as long, but found most of your points to be so true. Lots of times I’m taking photos while the rest of the family is eating. And I’m constantly thinking about putting together new recipes and how they should look in the photo. I’ve only tried foodgawker once, and yes, it was rejected too. Oh well, keep pressing forward. Thanks for a good read!

  27. Dana,
    I saw you thumbnail on Marvelous Monday and had to check it out! What a great post – you’ve really captured the essence of how blogging can take over your life ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m very guilty of meal-planning and shopping around blog topics, and my have my husband trained to ask before he eats – heehee! As for Foodgawker, I’ve decided that no one goes there except to try to get their photos accepted, lol! I much prefer My Recipe Magic, where I’ve actually seen some referring traffic back. Thanks for sharing!
    Ang, Juggling Act Mama

  28. This is too fun and so true! I totally relate with the part about comfort zones, food/craftgawker {already tried twice, nothing} and yeah, I used to pin so much and now I have so little time! Right now everything I see is a potential blog post!!! LOL Thanks so much for this fun post!!!


  29. These are so true! I never dreamed how much time blogging would take and all that would be involved in it. That being said, I absolutely love it and am constantly trying to find more time in my day to dedicate to it.

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  32. an interesting post & enjoyed reading it…
    Agree with the point about foodgawker, My photos are continuously rejected with the comment ‘composition is too wide or too tight’… but I continue with submitting photos to them…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Please correct your series’ name: it should read “Two Girls’ ” not “Two Girl’s” — unless you mean it to read ‘Two Girl Is’ if you take out the contraction the apostrophe implies when placed as you have it (rather than the possessive as you intend it).

    Otherwise, keep up the good work and generosity of sharing your information.

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  36. I am loving this series…. I can’t wait to read more! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you so much! I am a newbie and am already starting to find these statements relevant. Can’t imagine what it will be like a few months from now!

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